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What You Should Do After A Dog Bite


If you or a loved one has been attacked or bitten by a dog you should always seek medical care immediately. If you don't have serious personal injuries and you can remain on the scene you should call local law enforcement and or animal control. Many dog bite accident victims do not obtain enough information about the dog and the owner of the dog including the dog owners address and other important information. If you fail to get the dog owners information you may find it difficult to track down the dog owner if you decide to bring a dog bite legal claim in the future.

In addition, getting the dog owners information is important because you will want to get the most current vaccination records of the dog to ensure that the dog has all its shots including its current rabies vaccination.

We have found that many dog bite victims fail to get all the necessary information after a dog bite. If you have have been injured in a dog bite or dog attack in California please call our dog bite attorney today to discuss the details of your dog bite matter.