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Trip & Fall at Local Grocery Store


Have you been injured in a trip and fall at a local grocery store. If you have fallen and the fall was the result of the negligence of the grocery like there was water, debris, food, or some type of foreign object on the floor of the grocery store you should immediately ask for management and make a accident report. Many people that are injured will not make a accident report because they are embarrassed or they don't feel injured right after the fall. However, if you don't make an accident report your personal injury claim will be questioned by the insurance company for the insurance company if you decide to bring a slip & fall claim against the grocery store in the future.

Our slip & fall lawyer has handled all types of personal injury matter including slip & fall cases. If you or someone you love has been injured in a slip & fall accident at a local grocery store please call our law office today. We offer a FREE consultation and in many cases we can determine whether you have a negligence claim against the grocery store.