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What is a Contingency Personal Injury Lawyer?


Many people ask our California personal injury law office "How do we get paid?" We accept all of our California personal injury cases on a contingency basis, which means that we will not ask for any money or court costs, cost of litigation like deposition fees, jury fees, and filing fees from our clients. Instead, we will advance all of the costs and attorneys time and fees in the case and our personal injury firm will only recover the costs and fees if you are successful in obtaining a jury verdict or a settlement. Now, not all personal injury firms in California are the same so you will need to discuss with the personal injury firm that you decide to hire what costs are covered and what percentage of recovery they will obtain if you are successful with your personal injury case.

We always offer FREE consultations and we can discuss how a contingency representation works in more detail when you call to discuss your personal injury case. We look forward to hearing from you. Call today to protect your personal injury rights.